Something about our love story

Our acquaintance was rather standard, I wrote something to Natasha and she replied. Maybe you were waiting for the story with unpredictable beginning and captivating plot, though real life story sometimes differs from ideal one.

Our friendly relations began with one letter on findbridereview. I wrote something funny and she replied in the same manner. It impressed me, because some women have rather strange reactions into my sense of humor. Maybe it was strange but I immediately felt something to this girl. We chatted for three or four months constantly and she invited me to Odessa.

It was summer, and I thought that relaxation, sea and sunny weather will make us closer. It would be a great opportunity to get to know each other better. So, I was planning to stay there for two weeks not more, because I had a 2 week vacation and then should return to work.

After my arrival, Natasha met meet at the airport and we spend a fantastic evening together. It was the most unforgettable vocation; we walked around the city, swam in the sea and had taken lots of cool photos. At the end of this holiday, we both were so upset because we need to return to our everyday life without one another. So, I flew back home.

Now at home, I just recollect all the happy moments of the trip and want to make a surprise to my beloved lady. I want to fly to Odessa in autumn and get acquainted with all her relatives and friends. I think it is rather important step in every relations.

We communicate almost every day, send messages and photos. Our real acquaintance has made our relations stronger and it is evident. Of course, we have some misunderstandings, but they are minor. Every couple has some troubles, though we intuitively know how to solve everything without quarrels. In these small misunderstandings, Natasha has shown her as rather loyal and tactful personality. I appreciate our relations more and more with every day. And that is due to my beloved lady.

I want to share one of the trouble that we manage to solve. A month ago, I had big problems with my job and I came home totally exhausted and so angry. I tried to control my emotions, but everything was in vail. When I talked with Nata I lost my temper was extremely rude, how could I act in such a way? Despite of all my aggression, she understood everything and tried to support me in any possible way. Isn’t she a precious thing?

Of course, I apologized for everything, but she is just the best. And this isn’t the only strange situation in our life. There were tons of them for such a small period of time.

To conclude, I think that every person in this world has a life partner. He/she should just try to find this part of the life. I am sure that Nata will be with me forever, because she loves me and I notice this. It is noticeable in all her letters, worlds and gestures. She proves her real feeling to me every day. This is the best thing, which can occur with a man. And I am such a luckily guy!