Findbridereview and real love story!

Several years ago, I got acquainted with a couple that met each other on a dating website. At that time, I didn’t accepted it seriously, frankly speaking I didn’t even pay attention to this fact.

Judging from my personal experience right now, I can say that this story was a great push in my life for the search of meaningful relations online. I build a successful career and had no troubles with flirting or short term relations. Nevertheless, I could not find my ideal lady with whom I would like to live my entire life. So, online dating platform was a nice choice for me. It didn’t required lots of time from me, because I was still busy with my career and at the same time I felt that there were so many pretty girls who had the same life plans.

Find-bride opened so many perspectives for me. I knew that all the women who signed up there were searching for serious relations. It was the best place at the time.

At first, I just enjoyed this cool opportunity to communicate with huge number of charming women. Then I found several girls that really interested me. And at last I found Natasha. She was so shy and tender creature for me. At the beginning of our communication, I even thought that she wasn’t interested in me. But how I was wrong…

She was not a type of a chatter girl and during our first video chat she opened for me from another angle. We communicate for so many hours every day. I even forgot about my plan not to spend there more than 2 hours a day. Of course, I continued my communication with other girls, but Natasha was my priority.

I asked her about our real date, but for rather long period, she was against. She explained this fact with various reasons. But at the end of the day, Nata agreed and I was the happiest man on the Earth. We met in Kyiv. I planned with trip with the site’s experts beforehand. That’s why, I knew everything. Every little detail was explained to me. Maybe I was strange for my part, but I had never been in Ukraine and I wanted to know everything prior the flight.

I had the best romantic date of my live, it was ideal… I can assure you. After that we spent three days together and I returned back home. Unfortunately, I could not boast that now we are married, though everything is going in this direction. We are at a phase of dating and I regularly fly to Ukraine. It isn’t great in terms of money waste for all these trips, but I have found my love and that is the better. In several months, I hope to share my wedding story with you!) No more details for now…