Privacy policy

Before registration on this dating website you should better review all the below information about the site’s privacy policy. It will definitely help you to make the right conclusion about this online platform for communication.

When you sign up on any resource, you automatically share your personal information with this website and that occurs even when you are just a usual visitor. All sort of such information is collected, and then applied by the site’s team for important modifications and some changes in the optimization process.

Let’s answer the most important questions which relate to the privacy system of this dating platform.

So, the first one is: what kind of personal data is gathered by the site’s team? When you enter this website, you automatically share your ID address and your location.

After the signing up you mention particular info in the forms for registration such as: email, name, date of your birth and your permanent address. Moreover, you can add your additional contacts. As you see, the second part of information gathering totally depends on what you fill into your profile and registration form. And don’t forget, that all the info in your profile in visible to the other members of this dating resource.

The next question, which most of the users ask is: why this data is gathered? First of all, it is applied for the notification of the members. Usually, it is done via the mail, but in some emergent situations, you may be notified via all your available contacts.

You automatically agree on receiving these letters during the process of registration. Nevertheless, if you want to unsubscribe this function you can easily do this by contacting a support service of this dating site. Just click on the “help” button.

Are there any age limitations?

Of course, there are. Users who are younger than 18 aren’t allowed to use this dating website.

What should you be aware of the data removal and modification of your profile? To begin with, you can easily change any of your personal info that you have mentioned in the profile. The thing with removal needs from you two steps. First is to contact the support team and the next is to notify them what kind of info should be delete. That is it, nothing really serious.

How could users be sure in the reliability of their payment transactions? This is guaranteed by You can find all the information about this processor online.

If you still have any questions, relating to the privacy policy, you can contact the support team and they will answer all of them.