Something about our online acquaintance

I thought that everybody want a younger partner and that is a normal thing for such desires and ideas. And when my wife left me because of a younger guy, of course I was upset and even depressed because of my bad expectations had proved. After almost 30 years together I was desperate, I thought that I would not find a life partner who would respect and support me in the way I wanted. I didn’t expected an ideal picture of my future, but when choosing between the worst partner and loneliness, I would prefer the last one.

I used several dating websites, though all the messages I received were standard, no creativity, no passion; they were communicating like through a particular instruction. One day, my best friend came to me, we had such a sincere talk, and he encouraged me to continue my search and not to hesitate in the choice of my future partner.

I started from the very beginning, I reviewed all the available resources for online dating and comments. I also, decided to marry a Slavic lady, so the goal was chosen. And I registered on There were so many pretty and young girl tried to contact me, but I set distinct criteria to my future bride and I searched for her. I found three women of my age with the same life priorities and tried chatting with them. Ira draw my attention to her personality immediately, such an open person in her age was the best thing for me. I want to explain what I meant by this, personally I became rather reserved with ages and most of my friends too. So, to be such a frank person with unknown user from the dating platform was a real surprise for me.

We communicated almost every day, and with every message, we became closer to one other. There were some moments, after the third months of chatting, when we wrote almost identical messages. We understood each other, and that was that thing I was searching for in my relations. Ira had divorced with her husband a years ago, but still she was so stressed and sometimes frustrated. I felt the same feeling and I knew how to support her in this state. I noticed her reaction, she appreciated my efforts.

I never expected to find this woman, but I did. And at one stage of our communication, a strange idea appeared in my mind that she couldn’t be real. Maybe, she is a fake that said only words which I wanted to hear. That’s why, I decided to meet her in reality. The idea was the following: to spend one week with this lady and if she is really that person I was searching for, then I would propose her. So, I bought a ring and planned everything perfectly.

Everything went as I planned and she agreed. Can you believe that I met a perfect woman from another continent and fell in love with her. It is like a film with a happy ending and it happened with me.

After such an experience, I can say that everybody has a soulmate in this huge world, you should just try to find him/her and do it as quickly as it is probable for your case. Don’t waste your time, you are worth happiness and ideal relation and I am a real example of such a possibility.