Two lonely people met each other on the dating website

I know that you have seen lots of similar titles and read some love stories. I will agree with you a hundred percent, if you think that all happy love stories are usual with standard scenario. Maybe my words won’t surprise you or motivate for something. Though I still hope that someone will read it and find something useful. At one point of my life, I really needed such kind of positive story and recommendations.

I will start from the part when I found Lida. So, one day I was scrolling a webpage as usual and looking for something intriguing. By intriguing I mean interesting and new for me, cause frankly speaking most of the profiles were very similar the difference was only in photos. Lida drew my attention with her light manner or expressing herself. She didn’t want to show herself too clever, or too ambitious as most of girls. In a simple, playful tone, she described herself and her plans. I don’t remember specific words, but it is not the main thing.

She replied on my letter and we quickly became rather close people. Every day I spent at least two hours on chatting with her and of course, this was always not enough. The thing that was special for me related mainly to her national peculiarities. Oh… forget to mention, all the women on findbridereview are from Russia and Ukraine. Lida was a Ukrainian woman. So, she stood out from most women whom I knew. Maybe it was in her love to Ukrainian traditions and her desire to learn something new.

It was summer, so somehow, we started discussing our vacations and I proposed her to fly somewhere together. Of course, she didn’t know me so I mentioned that we would live in different rooms and if we didn’t like this kind of real communication we could stop and fly back home at any time. We discussed everything and agreed to fly to Greece, but like two friends without any other plans and intentions. It was a good decision for both. Online communication is one thing, but real life can be radically different.

We met each other at the hotel’s restaurant and we immediately started talking like two old friends. So, first impression was just okay and this friendly atmosphere was fantastic. First couple of days, we were very careful about every word we said, not to offence each other by anything. But at the end of this vacation, I could not believe that should fly back without Lida. She became inseparable part of my life and I didn’t imagine how to live without her anymore.

Not to bore everybody with the whole story, I would like to mention that this vacation was decisive for us. After it, I got acquainted with her relatives and friends and she also met my mum. This looks so surreal, but we found each other online and now we are living together. Internet has become a helper even in relations and family planning. Isn’t that awesome? My story is a true example of how can two lonely people meet in the world. If you are reading this and still hesitating, then you will never find your love.